Popcorn & Beer: We’re Coming to the Gothenburg Film Festival

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Gothenburg Film Festival is returning to screens soon, and Brooklyn Brewery is going to be there for all your beer-and-a-movie needs. New York City is a pretty movie-heavy place, so when we had the opportunity to be part of the largest film festival in Scandinavia we jumped on it right away. Everyone wants to be in pictures, you know.

The festival runs from January 29 through February 8, and you’ll be able to find us at all of your favorite bars throughout. On Tuesday, February 2, we’ll be holding forth with Cache Cache NYC at Auktions Verket Kultur Arena for Dinner & A Movie: A Night in New York. As you enjoy a hearty beer dinner, famous movies and clips from New York will be looping all around you for the ultimate dinner-and-a-movie date.

Bundling Up with Insulated Dark Lager

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Brooklyn Insulated Dark Lager is your new must-have protection against windy days, soggy weather, and long, chilly nights. From the first crisp nights of fall, to the depths of blizzard season, to the first blooms of spring, you need a beer that you can layer on for any occasion. Insulated answers the call: roasty enough to cut through shoddy weather, but smooth enough to enjoy any time.