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The Official Brooklyn Brewery Best of 2015 Guide

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No matter what your New Year’s plans are, it’s fun to look back at the year that was and see what was big, important, or just plain loud. We gathered a handful of Brooklyn Brewery employees and asked them about their year in review. Whether or not they explained themselves– or even answered the questions– is another matter. Without further ado, we present our official Best of 2015 Guide.

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  • Guest (James Bernard)

    The author did a great job with all these research work. Really valuable information, thank you!

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  • Guest (Bill Brown)

    Completely agree with the author. Modern businessmen should involve young people, introduce brands to them, socialize… Looks like a fresh product market!

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  • Demo User In reply to Guest (Bill Brown)

    That’s awesome! Future belongs to youngsters, so businessmen can’t ignore their needs in any case.

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