Shortly about us

Brewery is a Vancouver, BC born and built craft brewery. Our West Coast lifestyle and love for great quality beers for every occasion lead us to the design, development and brew of our favourite pints. Consistent quality is paramount as we strive to create beers that cater to not only our thirsty palate. At Brewery we are inspired by brewing the best seasonable beers.

If you’re planning a trip to brewery, make sure here is a stop on your schedule. Come down for a beer, hang out with our staff, attend an event, take a tour, and have a look around where some of the world’s best beer is brewed. We worked closly with our friends on their event, transforming the brewery and designing a growler to match the event.

We produce a range of quality ales which are individually distinctive in taste, strength and colour. We maintain a generous brewing capacity so that we can respond both to peaks in demand and to the specialised requests of customers we provide advice at any time on any aspect – range, care or dispense – of our products.

Our beers, both casked real ales and premium bottled beers have achieved a wide recognition, repeatedly winning international, national, regional and local awards. We continue to expand both our product range, without compromising quality, and out national and international distribution.