Heavenly beers brewed by mere mortals

We brew authentic craft beers and offer a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere for your dining and drinking enjoyment.

Dance Card IPA 6.5%
Start-Up Stout - Coffee Stout 7.6%
Coconut Abbey - Belgian Style Abbey Ale 9.2%
You Be You - Imperial Stout 10.2%
Junior Barrel Aged Stout 5.6%

(aged in barrels from our friends at Mississippi River Distilling Company in LeClaire, IA)

-Pilot Brews and Limited Releases-
*We do experimental small batch brewing, which may limit availability.*
Lewbricator Barrel Aged 7.5%
Double Whammy - Imperial Stout 9.1%
Dubbel Night Vision - Belgian Style Dubbel 7.8%
Sucha Half Wit - IPA Belgian Style Wheat Blend
Bulltown Brown Ale 6.3%
Forgiveness Brown Ale 6%
La Boheme Pilsner 5.7%

New Pioneer Co-op Transporter Granola Porter 6.1%

Ask about our growler fills, canned beer and kegs available at our restaurant/bar. Also ask your local liquor store about a Kalona Brewing Company keg for your home kegerator!